Monday, October 30, 2017

Halloween Special on Life,Liberty, and the Pursuit of Ginnie--- still time to be a CHARACTER in BOOK 3 of Mythic:Psion

Amazon is hosting a discount on Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Ginnie today and tomorrow in honor of Halloween. Find the link here

And we still have the contest to have a character named after you going on. Just comment below with your favorite costume ever!

Sunday, October 15, 2017

A glimpse into my process & A CHANCE TO BE A CHARACTER IN BOOK 3 of MYTHIC:PSION

I love easter eggs in tv shows and in books. Hidden little secrets that may be for a special person or for a group to get an inside joke or giving a nod to someone special. So when I write I don't intentionally set out to put things in a specific place but when an opportunity presents itself I shove the plastic egg in that hidden nook ever so gently.

One of my favorite parts of writing but also one of my well thought out is name selection. I have read books where authors use old phone books or name generators. But I like to use not so random selection for some of my characters as a way to give some love to people throughout my life that may never get a book dedicated to them but they are in my thoughts or in my facebook feed enough that they are in thoughts even as I write. Each for different reasons too. *I should add none of the names are exactly this people's names they are fantastical versions of themselves. They will know it's them but the public would never. It is all in my love and positive vibes for them all I do this*

I have a Chef Kitsune in the Mythic: Psion book 2 Life, Liberty And the Pursuit of Ginnie named for a guy I went to Antioch College with whom I haven't seen since we graduated but his anime drawings and amazing food porn on facebook lights up my days.

I have named the four demon victims for a random reason, One for a friend from Antioch that became a lawyer and I am so proud that she went all the way and is using her powers for good. Then there are the redhead twins I went to college with whom I love watching their families grow and they are still the most amazing sister team I have ever encountered. I gave Mackelmore a shout out because his first mainstream album really was motivational and got me pumped on days when I barely wanted to get out of bed.

There is a werewolf named for a cousin of mine who loves books and devours them like I used to.

There are other personal nods to people I love and have others I have lost. Some need no acknowledgment here, they know who they are.

Other names like Virginia, has two amazing ladies. One is a second cousin but I call her my aunt and another is a long distance bestie's middle name.

Would you like your name or a name of your choosing in the final book of this series? The one I am penning right now? Then comment below and we will pick a random number for the winner from the names below.

The other part of my muse beside names of friends and family is music. I love having a soundtrack to what I am writing. Sex, Drugs, And... Vampires? found me mused by the song "All Right Now" I listened to the song whenever I needed to get myself back to that time and place of the story. It was my time portal and it also pumped me up with my muse dancing in my head like a ninja at a drag ball.

Well enough reveals into my psyche for now...

Please Remember to leave a comment of your favorite Halloween costume ever to enter my contest to be a character in book 3.

And a bonus for new readers...SDV is free until the 17th...

Friday, September 29, 2017

Living my book at a time

At 12:22am I finished submitting for publication, my second book in the Mythic: Psion Series. Also my second book published period. It feels so good to have it done. Although, I could have edited it for the rest of eternity. It has been put to rest in the bosom of Amazon. I started writing books seven years ago. Many of them have been sitting idly by on a flash drive or on a cloud for five to seven years. Sex, Drugs, and Vampires? was the first thing I wrote. Now I just completed and will have published book two in that series and it made me cry.

I love writing books, I have loved seeing the character come alive on the page and even through hundreds and hundreds of hours of editing. I love my characters like they are part of my family or more to the point part of my soul. Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Ginnie started out being just a prequel to Sex, Drugs, and... Vampires? but it has ended up being therapy, motivation, and inspiration at a time when life has been anything but certain.

I have dedicated my first book to my best friend and the second to the women who helped mold me. But I have named my publishing company because I am a self-publisher, is nova&brody publishing co. It is my dedication to my kids. I want them to know that through the muck of life, they can persevere and reach their goals. I want them to see that what they love to do can be pursued. I did not publish my first book till I was forty and that will not stop me from writing more books and publishing the rest I have stashed away.

This was my dream years ago and I let it die for the wrong reasons. I will succeed because I believe in me and because I love to write and that is who I am writing for. Me.

If you would like to buy my books here is the links:

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Ginnie

Sex, Drugs, and... Vampires?

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Cover Release and Launch date for Book 2 of Mythic:Psion Series

I am so psyched to show you all the cover to release for the prequel to Sex, Drugs, and... Vampires?

It will be available for pre order on Amazon soon.
Release date is 9/8/17

Thanks to nova&brody publishing co. and
Fiverr for the cover by Haley_graphics2