Saturday, January 28, 2012

On the path to publication

Part of my travels according to my crit partner, Lisa Rayns is to have blog. So here you go. Something no one will read until I get a few more followers than the zero I have now. I am currently working on the final edits of my upcoming novella-- Sex, Drugs and...Vampires?

I hope to submit my novella to a few publishers but there is part of me that would rather just self publish and try that route. But a tiny part me really would like the experience of submitting, the humbling of rejection and the pride of acceptance. But then you see certain self pubbed authors use that path to gain the followers and then get published with a great audience already in tact like HP Mallory.

But for now I have to settle for finishing the edits and setting up my author profile and blogs. So step 2( Step one was deciding on my pen name, check) the new blog is started-- check.

Have a great weekend and pray for a snow day for me-- I work in education and would love a day home from work to write.