Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A broken week...

All month long I have been looking forward to my three day President's Day weekend. Not for great shopping or reminiscing about my favorite presidential speech or act. Instead I looked forward to having one whole day of editing on my WIP.

After sleeping in to almost 10 am, I had some coffee, checked an email or two and made a major mistake in leaving my computer in harms ways. In the 90 seconds I was putting in Downy (my dang downy ball stopped working and I keep forgetting to pick one up at the store-- for the expensive price of $1.49) and the yelling and accusing started between my spawns.

After a crying session, puking, an Ativan and numerous pep talks from my hubby: I was able function again.

I am now using the laptop as a keyboard attached to my HDTV until the replacement arrives.