Monday, June 11, 2012

Shhhh... I have a secret to tell...

My name is Danyel and I am a gamer. 

Hi Danyel. The crowd welcomes the new face among the room sitting in folding chairs, energy drinks in half of the groups’ hands.

I love playing RPGs (Role Playing Games) and I have for eleven years.   When my daughter was born in 2001, Brian (my hubby) was playing a game called Chrono Cross during the first couple days of my maternity leave. Since baby Savannah mostly slept, I needed something to do.  So I picked up a Playstation controller and decided I could figure out these RPGs .  And I did.

I went on to play some fantastic games: Final Fantasy series (even FF8), Chrono Trigger,  all of the US released .HACK games, Fable series and now I am playing one of the greatest games ever: SKYRIM!!

So when I haven’t written any new material on my novels, I usually can blame my real addiction, video games. Now I am trying to balance a new home, end of the school year , editing, critiquing and trying to fit a little time in SKYRIM (sometimes before work when no one else is awake). Does that make me an gameaholic? Playing games when no one is around. J

I think most people assume the different systems, are all my hubby’s toys. Shhhhh. Some are mine, and some I make hubby think are for him but if I buy it for him as a gift then we both benefit.

I feel like I am coming out of the closet and it feels great.

I love a good video game, and I will not longer be ashamed.