Sunday, July 1, 2012

How to be a stay at home mom/writer for the summer

Every time I get myself in a good habit of reading and writing something comes along to derail my progress. This week we have been in the 100s for the most of the week and my butt has been in the pool (I know poor Danyel:)) and by the time I get done with my daily cleaning and swimming I am assed out.

Every summer I struggle with being a stay at home mom, mostly because the kids get bored so easily. So Santa was proactive and got the kids Kings Island passes and then we were blessed with a house with a pool. Kids are not bored but mommy is very tired. I am having to get up before them every day to have a little time to myself.  But I always debate-- mommy time or sleep?

Then this weekend of storms, electricity out and heat wave took the best out of me. I have napped 3 times today.  But I am awake now, having the kids watch Harry Potter and I am editing my WIP and writing a little bliggety blog.

Oh and it is time for True Blood. Dont even get me started on my issues with that show.