Thursday, February 28, 2013

Where is my mind? Only the Pixies know for sure.

I am a horrible blogger, I haven't written a post in months. Its not like I have any followers to piss off so I guess I am safe. Since Christmas I have been either sick or stressed, sometimes both. But I am healthy again and looking to become even healthier.

 Although New Years is months past and Lent is a third of the way over, I have a few new resolutions I want to implement. I went to a Wellness Fair at my work two weeks ago and listened to a speaker about some of the real consequences of chemicals in our foods and drinks. I knew there was things in my Diet Coke and Sunny D that were not exactly natural but they just tasted so good. But since that training I have been researching and trying to move for me (and my family since I do all the shopping) towards all Organic eating and drinking habits.

So far the biggest drawbacks for me will be the drinks in my life-- I love Diet pop and Crystal Light. The thought of only drinking water makes me wanna puke. Wish me luck!

Resolution number two is to return to writing. I am like a million others who have multiple full length novels, a few novellas and not a damn thing completed in the editing process. I go gung-ho for a month or two then I write nada for a couple months. I have no idea if I just self sabotage, I am a lazy ass or if maybe I am not meant to write and I should let it fade away. I love writing, I love having characters take over and spit out lines and plot I didn't know where even a possibility. I love being transported to another time, place or circumstance through books. I want to share that with others... yet I stop short of a complete transcript. Am I afraid of failure? Criticism? Or maybe even success? So here I go... hopefully my new organic living will help my writing or maybe help heal my crazy ass brain.

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