Monday, March 18, 2013

A-ha moment of the day

I have been working on a better Danyel through lessons from Gini Maddocks, Been fat, Done with that ; and I have been doing the 21 dayOprah/Deepak Meditation challenge; as well as trying to eliminate the chemicals in my life and foods. 

 I am trying to not obsess over my daily food intake-- which I think leads to more weight issues than it helps. How does an overweight person with food issues get over the food issues by focusing all her energy on food? That is the problem with my life so much time is focused on food and the guilt that goes along with the wrong choices.
So today, I was doing my Chopra meditation challenge and had a thought about loving my whole self-- body, soul and mind. I struggle (obviously) with loving my body. I respect and love my mental self, and spiritual self, but I hate or loathe my body.

But I love all the people in my life no matter what they physically look like. I don’t love my kids, parents, family, friends any differently based on what they look like. So why do I do that to myself? Why is my self-love based on appearance when no other love in my life is based on that?

Why can’t I love myself like I love others? Unconditionally.

I will and I can… even if I must convince myself of it every moment of every day until it is reality.