Monday, March 11, 2013

I wrote two blogs for Thursday and never posted either one..

So here is the first one...

One week into my quest to improve my life is off to a great start. When my husband and I went grocery shopping last weekend I made decisions to look for Organic products in replace of my normal items and I was pleasantly surprised that there are a lot more organic products then I would have thought and that was just at Meijers.  I found a few things so expensive I could not make myself buy organic. For instance, Organic milk was over SIX dollars a gallon. The other issue I have had is getting rid of my chemically filled drinks—diet pop and Crystal Light. 
One positive is the veggie sticks were a big hit with the family. Hoping to find more hidden treasures in the organic lifestyle that wont break the bank.  I would like to figure out some organic portable breakfasts for through the week on the way to work.
Other positive effects, I did my daily writing and editing every day this past week, along with spiritual readings and yoga/exercising! My hubby made a bet with me that if I exercised every day he would too. I personally think this was a backwards way to put the blame on me if we didn’t exercise, but I flipped it on him and we both will feel better for it.