Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Why rant when you can RAVE?

My blog has never really had a direction of what the theme is. I thought it was mostly about my journey as a writer on my way to publication. But I spend so much time editing, writing and finding a thousand reasons not to write that this blog morphed into more of a personal sound board for when I really found something I wanted to say something.

Some of my greatest thoughts on my writing come in the car, I think this is because your brain is focusing on the road and driving. Then bang your muse gives you something when you are completly unable to write or do anything about it. I force myself to think on the "jewel" my muse gives me until I can get to my destination and write it all out.

Today's jewel focused on the thought of "Life is consumer research." As consumers, we try things, we eat things, experience products every day and ususally we only contact companies when there is a problem with their product. Our society is quick to complain, and slow to compliment.

So I would like to write a blog or a column on this blog that will be dedicated to RAVING about products I come across that ROCK! And I plan to contact each company that makes this product to let them know how awesome they are.

I don't want people to respond with any negative, there may be negative to these products for you. But that is not what this will be about.

Positive only.

I already have a product to tell you about... :)