Friday, February 14, 2014

How one suggestion can change your life...

One Monday weeks before Christmas, my husband and I were thrift shopping (with $20 in my pocket) and we ran into my aunt. My Aunt is a licensed massage therapist and lives a very holistic lifestyle. She has been very aware of my struggles to find medications to control my seizures and asked about how I was doing. She had done some research and found a Gluten free diet was working wonders for people with Epilepsy some eventually went off medication all together.

I did a little Bing search myself and found quite a bit of research saying the same things. After years of yo-yo dieting for my weight, I thought why not try something that could help me control my seizures and if it doesn't work. What would I be out?

So two weeks before Christmas, I went Gluten free and did not notice any major changes but my meds were pretty stable. The only times my meds seem to fail me are during stress times of the month (sleep deprived, food deprived, menstruation) and but when Christmas Day came I thought I would do a little scientific experimentation of my own. I ate a few crackers, cookies and just random things you can only eat on Christmas and the next two days I had break through seizure activity. I immediately went back on gluten free and have been on it ever since and unless I accidentally eat gluten-- you would be shocked where it hides. I have been seizure free since Christmas.

Obviously this is not scientific proof that going Gluten free will cure your epilepsy. Don't stop your meds and go Gluten free. I am not a doctor, but if you wanna try something in conjunction with your meds whats the worst that can happen?

All I know is my brain is back and I can read and write again. From October till Christmas, I was unable to read, edit or write and it was torture.