Saturday, March 1, 2014

Fun new ways to use my blog and get some free sh!t!

I am constantly reading other people's blogs where they get to give away cool shit and try out cool shit for free. So I was reading around on the Internet (lol, sorry funny to think of the Internet like a giant spread of newspaper or a giant book, think how big that would be) and I found a way to do what these other blogger are doing.

So some of my upcoming blog will be some cool giveaways! I will still write random blogs about Lisa Rayns and my adventure to get my ass moving towards publication of my back log of WIP to real life books.

But I have always loved doing surveys and trying new products and telling people what I think of them. I remember as a teenager, Forest Fair mall had a market research firm in the mall and would pay you to answer questions or try out a sports bra. Maybe I like be the first to see a new product or maybe I just love free shit. Either way, I will be doing a little of that in the near future.

If nothing else, it will be another way to hone my writing skills, adding another tool to my writer's tool box.  And maybe get two more followers on my blog. I think I am up to five now. Hi Gini and Lisa!