Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Defining my blog: Not perfect organic living but healthier every day.

I read an article that suggested that a good blog have a purpose a narrows down its direction. And truly I know what types of products I want to try out for my audience of currently ten people (and I love every one of you!!!) in order to grow my audience and become a better writer. Well I want to write about and test products that really have to do with what my family and I would want to infuse into our lives not just ways to get free shit. I have a shit ton of hair on my head, it is past the middle of my back, its thick and I have a lot. When winter and Fall come I love to have my hair done, one to keep me warmer like a natural scarf and two to give a little props to God for giving me nice hair. Most people hate their hair for one reason or another and I love my hair so I feel like hiding it in a bun or a ponytail all the time is a slight against God who gave me this as one of my gifts. Getting back to my wandering point, I want my hair to look its best with as little chemicals as possible. So I tried what someone on the internet offered-- no shampoo and that left me too greasy.
Then I tried a sample of Organix
and it cleaned real well and left my hair light and I plan to buy both the shampoo and conditioner of this product. Here is the pictures of this result:
The next product I am trying is L'Oreal Ever Curl, sulfate free shampoo,
Pictures to come soon. So we are all a work in progress. Trying to live better. That's the McDaniel way, better every day.