Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Naturalico Vitamin C 20% Vitamin E Hyaluronic Acid Professional Anti-Aging Serum Review (and a mini ANTI- AGING rant)

How many facial products can tout the following? Its made in the USA, not tested on Animals,Certified organic, highest levels of Vitamin C allowed, professional grade? Well with with Vitamin C Serum by Bella Naturals that is exactly what you get. The ingredients read more like a shopping list of organic herbs than the normal unpronounceable chemicals of most products you find in the big box stores.

Then you have the guarantee that it is not tested on animals, we all remember the first time you realized that some of our makeup and facial products were being forced into the eyes and other openings of cute little bunny rabbits. For a mother trying to go green and to make the world a little better for my kids, here is another way we can do so. Showing them that even if we feel we need products to make ourselves feel positive about ourselves we do not have to kill to do so.

I love being able to give my body vitamins both internally through the yummy foods we eat and also through the organic serum and lotions I have chosen to put on my skin. Vitamin C Serum by Bella Naturals gives me a smooth even feel to my skin. But this product also got me to thinking about my stance on Hippie Happy vs. Anti-Aging (especially since it was my birthday last week).

Can one be Hippie Happy and use Anti-Aging? Well my answer is DUH. I do not use any of these products to deny my age. I am thirty-eight and very happy with my age. I truly believe that age is how the world keeps track of my years on earth that my soul feels very little difference between my thoughts and feels of 22 year old Danyel and last week Danyel, more lessons learned, better perspective on things like parenthood, finances and what really matters in life-- Time. It is the only thing we can give someone selflessly.

But I digress (blame it on my mom's ADD) so I use Anti-aging because I am taking care of the temple God gave me and have some year of neglect to make up for. I would use the same product if they took away the ANTI-AGING. Nothing stops aging except death; and I have a shit ton of living still to do.