Thursday, January 15, 2015

YALMEH Super Youth Eye Cream 15g 0.5 OZ Review

Over the last year I have been losing weight and one of my worries has been sagging skin. I have seen people lose weight and their faces look bad and I almost wonder if they wouldn't look better heavy. So I have been trying different products to keep my skin and face from looking like a sad hollow pumpkin a week after Halloween.

So I was sent a product from Yalmeh, Super Youth Eye Cream. I have loved using it before I go to bed under my eyes and on the squinty place between my eyes that my husband notices when I forget to put my glasses on. The cream is thick and only requires a small amount. The amount seems that it will last a few months.

When my daughter saw me using this new product she asked about it and I was telling her about puffy eyes and wrinkles. It reminded me about a friend of mine in high school that started using eye creams and wrinkle creams in her teens-- and I thought we don't have wrinkles and wont have to worry about that shit for years.

Spring forward twenty years, and I am just now starting creams and serums. That friend of my looks amazing because someone told her some secret that she started two decades before me. But now I feel like I am catching backwards with my friend who had the forethought. I have seen a decrease in my squinty lines, its like the eye cream really has erased some of the normally deep trenched lines. And I thought that was not possible.

It is pretty brilliant. But don'
t take my word for it, check it out.

If you want to buy it here is the place: