Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Don't tell anyone--my two favorite things are getting my hair did at a salon and buying purses! I know, girly shit.

Just to prove to myself that this blog isn't always about the free shit sent to me to try out and rant or rave about. I wanted to talk about things I love just because they make me feel good. And not just like "Oh, that was a pretty good gluten free muffin" but like finding out the Oreos has created a whole line of Double Stuf and white chocolate covered GLUTEN FREE Oreos -GREATNESS (which they have not. Not that I have been made aware of, but Mr. Oreo doesn't call me like he used to and my newsletter doesn't come to my inbox anymore so... I may not be the leading authority anymore.) I digress. Let's blame that on the seizure meds. I just wanted you to understand these are really, really my favorite things.

My first favorite things-- getting my hair did, and did right. Which thanks to Groupon, I was matched up with an amazing chicka named Laura Howard, who made me go from untamed lioness to sun quenched surfer chick on vacay in Ohio for some messed up reason.
She made real conversion with me and not just that regurgitated hair dresser bullshit. I really felt like she was talking to me and not a speech she gives everyone who walks through her door which was nice. I have not had a steady hairdresser since Allyson, my first hairdresser when I effed up my hair as a toddler all through my teens. So Laura was a cool person and took care of my hair like I was her daughter or niece. She is at Salon Concepts in Tri-County, across from the mall near Hobby Lobby. Call her if ya need a new stylist, she will be my regular stylist.

Then I ordered from Amazon a gift to myself as my celebration for my five years cigarette free since 1/23/10--

It's an Anne Klein New Recruits Dome Satchel top handle bag in periwinkle, which not until after I bought this did I realize I had another Anne Klein different style and color which I had gotten from my husband for Christmas before last. I guess we all do have a type!