Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I shouldn't cook potatoes or anything in the oven (or I'm now thin skinned like my grandma)

For some freaking reason I cannot make mashed potatoes without burning myself somehow. I am not kidding. I have scars to prove it. And so when I was asked to try a product for an honest review for Valentia Organic Rosehip Oil and one of the things I had read about it ahead of time is that it does not have the scent that you would expect-- and it does not. No Roses in these hips. OKay, this shows my ignorance because I had no idea what Rosehip oil was. I am a newbie to the organic oil scene and I figured I would figure it out with the internet and Pinterest.

So I did-- scars and wrinkles. With the aforementioned scent not being what I wanted near my face, I decided to use this oil on an area where I had scars and seem to get more cuts and scraps than any other place on my body-- my hands. I had a spot that was not fading as fast as I thought it would before I put the Rosehip oil on it. Now with a couple weeks of oil on my hands and the scar almost invisible with full disappearance within the month expected.