Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Longing for Rabbits and Resurrections ( Or the waiting for Spring as more snow falls) Tips for Fun WAYS to MAKE IT SPRING in GREY weather

I get all my best writing ideas while I am driving. I know what great ideas, I am still waiting to hear a nugget of funny or usable info. My train derails a lot. The driving idea today was about how we can do little things to "make it spring" for us even with the snow falling. (started this blog post when we were in our snowstorm, a member of my family went into hospital, my brain frizzled so now I finish, Yippee)

Here are some FUN ways to MAKE IT SPRING while we long for Rabbits and the Resurrection of Easter Sunday...

1. See the world through rose colored glasses- literally, or for me blue colored lens. Go to your local Charming Charlies or Claire's boutique and grab some cheap but helpful Point of View changers. The sky is whitish grey, as is the snow covered hills,

2. I carry in my purse what I call cucumbers in a bottle. I am not shitting you, pardon my French, they would pardon me if they were here. You will see. I received from the Tomoson company a Amara Total Repair Eye gel to try. Now, before you think ugh, another plug. STOP. This stuff rocks rough n stuff with its afro puffs. I have made my husband use it, even the kids. It takes away the bags from your eyes-- YES> but it does so much more than that. It is literally (not using this word wrong like a teen with her eyes on her phone saying she's literally gonna die if she don't get Beaver Beaber tickets) like putting cucumbers on your eyes. The smell, the experience, the sensation-- ITS a salon moment in a bottle. This is only the 2nd product I have been sent that I will buy when the bottle is empty and it almost is. Maybe I should not have been so generous? Did I mention how Hippie happy this stuff makes me? If I am down, I will put a little under my eyes and the smell makes me smile and I love to look in the mirror and not feel the need for make up. That makes me smile even bigger. HIPPIE HAPPINESS achieved.

3. I have busted out my runners, no I do not, have not and will not be a runner of any sort this spring. But I do walk a fair walk. Okay,to be honest its a little more like a casually stroll to my post office stopping to smell the roses and looking at the intricate architecture of the houses in my small village. I do have on my Adidas, yoga pants *with my parts tastefully covered as not to get my pants banned in my village* and whatever shirt is comfy. I don't break a sweat unless its like over 90 degrees. So I think I have a few months, oh this is Ohio, it could be 90 tomorrow then snow that same weekend. Why do I stay here? I digress.

4.Pull out those summer clothes we got on clearance just a few weeks ago. I reached for the stash of shopping bags I had squirrelled* away in of the top of my closet. I layered them up, put them together on hangers and now I am hoping to find a sweater to wear these Hippie happy tanks from Maurices. I put on a whole outfit on just to feel that summery feel. Capris, tanks and flip flops. I can already hear my husband, are you wearing that again? YES. I went years not able to comfortably where skinnier clothes, you drop 5 pant sizes and see if you don't find a fave style that formerly was unavailable to your body type, ie layered thin hippie tanks.

5. At home or at the salon Pre-spring pedicure: we may not be able to wear those sandals yet but we can make our piggies look cute and we can be prepared for the first day.I find it hilarious that women will spend twenty to forty dollars on a pedicure then slip on those bad boys flippers from Old Navy we picked up for $2, knowing they only cost two cents to make and we get made in June when the first toe thong pops out like a button on a marathon eaters pants. Forty dollar foot massage and paint job--two cents keeping our feet from scorching hot pavement. Only in America, and the countries we want to be like and the countries begging to be our friends on the playground. France, we told you last week. You don't get to pull our hair one week and bring us chocolate filled croissant the next. No, fair. Don't they know I am gluten-free?

*I did not intend to insult any squirrel readers/followers I may have. I merely was implying they are good at being prepared for the next season and was not intended to imply any sort of hoarding behaviors at all. My apologizes to the squirrels that took that the wrong way.