Wednesday, April 22, 2015

CocoNUTS? A beginners guide: how to buy, use and not to feel so stupid about Coconuts Derivatives

I have been eating one teaspoon of virgin coconut oil before each meal every day or I have added it to meals instead of using butter. Lucky for me no one in my family has noticed the difference yet. I love the taste of coconut but you can get coconut oil that is unflavored as well, like what I received from Radha, but I use that type for other uses outside the kitchen.

My hubby who is sick (the sickest he has ever been,like every time) I used the coconut oil along with Peppermint essential oil to make him a chest rub to open up his breathing without having to buy products with additional chemicals that I may not be able to pronounce. The Radha Fractionated Coconut oil worked as a perfect carrier oil for the two drops of peppermint essential oil. The next day his cold seemed better and he was less whiny, score Dany. #hippiehappy

I tried hard to do my own research but it was thick so here is some from some amazing other peeps who understand this better than I:

So you read these amazing details and walk into Kroger and...

The health food aisle there are a few different varieties of Coconut Oil and butters which seems to determine the purity (and the price). My favorite right now is Simple Truth Virgin Unrefined Coconut Oil from Kroger, best price for me to experiment with as I learn about the properties and how to use Coconut Oil, which right now is as a replacement for butter.  I will let you know how it goes.

Sorry when this blog initially went out, I had cut and paste all my research in the blog and intended to read and write. I also have been scheduling them ahead of time in order to keep myself on schedule. This one got ahead of me and was not compete. I apologize for this.