Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Fulcrum Gallery framing of Angel of Starlight by Jasmine Becket-Griffith

I was approached by Fulcrum Gallery and asked to review their services. First of all I have never ordered from a framing or gallery online or in real life to be truthful. I have done my own framing or done horrible reframing of posters. Just recently my hubby and I have begun trying to use our own true style to create art reflective of our real likes, most of our "art" over the years has been a hodge podge of hand me downs that we liked more than plain white walls, kids pictures and posters as long as we could pull that off. But then we started finding pictures and frames and creating our own art. In the Arcade (adult rec room -- formerly known in the 70s as the front room, there are pictures created from pictures from maps and artwork from video games.

I digress. The most amazing part of the days I spent combing through their website was finding artist I had never heard of and finding amazing things I want on my walls as a grown up that does not come from the Home Interior Collection (no offense to these fine artists.) I found Jasmine Becket Griffith again, who I know I have seen numerous times but never remembered her name or didn't write it down. But now I had myriad of her artwork to choose from, I was like a 38 year old in a kick ass art gallery.

On March 23rd, I placed an order after many fun days of contemplating what I wanted. I received an email with a tracking device that told me where my order was in the process whether still in process or when it would leave the New Jersey location. Within a week it was shipped, and on the 3rd of April I received my Art. I have included the unboxing video and the picture on my wall. The black plastic frame, navy and white matte and art all look amazing and turned out exactly as I created online and in my mind. I still stop for moments each day just to admire her.

I received this product in return for an honest review.

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