Thursday, April 9, 2015

Is it bigger than a bread box? 3 Bread Myths DEBUNKED

Lets play twenty questions. Is it bigger than a breadbox? It is exactly the size of a breadbox. But mom, what is a breadbox? My kids did not know what a breadbox was until a week or two ago. We had a bread drawer never a box that held our bread. I have seen people put their bread in the fridge, on the top of the fridge, on the counter, in drawers, but breadboxes seem to have gone out of style. Is it to give up counter space for minimalist chic counters made from expensive materials worth more than my car?

Maybe its because so many people put their bread in the fridge so it will last longer-- MYTH!!!

Myth 1--Bread stays longer in fridge. Bread WILL NOT last longer in the fridge actually you are cutting the freshness by a 1/3rd. "Avoid storing bread in a refrigerator. The average temperature of most domestic refrigerators is about 41°F (5°C). This is the temperature at which bread stales most quickly. One day in the refrigerator is equivalent to three days at room temperature."

Myth 2--Freezing bread really does not increase how long you can keep it. Wrong, if you freeze a loaf of tightly wrapped bread before its freshness date has expired you can keep it in the freezer up to THREE MONTHS. "The freezer is the ideal place to store bread for keeping beyond its ‘best before’ date or when mold growth is a concern.Wrapped bread will keep for up to three months in the freezer. Defrosting a loaf at room temperature can take a few hours; this can be speeded up by wrapping it in foil and placing it in a pre-heated oven."

Myth 3---You tell which day a loaf of bread was baked by the color of its plastic twist tag. According to SNOPES.COM, this is TRUE. NOT A MYTH. But each company uses different colors for different days in order for their staff to easily change the shelves without reading the dates, just looking at the colors. Example:
Monday - Blue
Tuesday - Green
Thursday - Red
Friday - White
Saturday - Yellow
To show when it was baked, and bread usually only has shelf life of a few days. So you wouldn't buy "white" tag bread on a Thursday unless is was marked down and you like day old (or six) buns.

Now that we have looked at some bread myths, we come back to where I started. Get your bread out of the fridge and in a breadbox. When most of us think of breadboxes we picture some hideous wooden thing our mom had forever that didn't seem to keep the bread fresh but maybe added something to the bread. Not my new Stainless Steel black breadbox from Francois et Mimi, it is sleek and will not promote more moisture growth on your bread the way the wooden boxes of yesteryear did. The new design also allows for full space of bread and not wood just for the sake of wood and the word bread across the front. I am all for the nostalgia of my childhood but I do not want my breads and baked goods to taste and smell like antiques. I love the sleek black and stainless steel design, it is easy to clean and use. Lift lid, insert buns, close lid. Forget buns are in there because you are gluten free and your family has never had a bread box and now its been a few days and you open up and the buns are not moldy and they are fresh. Huzzah! #hippiehappy

from the Federation of Bakers and

Article: Grain Education