Wednesday, April 29, 2015

+Lifeguard Car Charger-- No more fighting for the car charger

[embed]http://[/embed]Have been using this charger in my car for over a week now. It charges quickly and I love being able to use my own cord with the +LIFEGUARD car charger that way if I don't need it talk or use the phone a small cord is fine or if my son is playing while charging his Kindle a longer cord is useful to reach the backseat. The only negative is more an OCD issue for me, in my front lighter hole there is a little wiggle room-- but it does not lose contact at all. See it is more just that it bothers me that it doesn't fit snug like it should in my mind. Yet in my center console it fits perfectly snug.

Today my daughter was able to charge in the +IQ slot for her iphone 4 and I charged my LG phone at the same time. Score, huzzah! So nice not to fight over who get priority to charge in the car. I give this my #hippiehappy. I received this in return for my honest #hippiehappy or #nothippiehappy review.