Monday, April 13, 2015

In the past we find the answers we seek...

Each product I receive I do some research on what I am about to use, there are usually other bloggers who have done half the work for me, then I try to find true sources of information to verify resources and then look into a few extreme opinions one way then the other. But there's a repeatedmyth when I come across it, I cringe because I do not know why it is perpetuated over and over.

Dead ends can be repaired by some serum, oil, shampoo, treatment, etc--- They can be treated one way, by cutting them off. They cannot be un-split or re-merged once they have been separated. Do we as smart educated women really buy this bull after all these years? STOP. We may be able to help prevent future occurrences, lets hope that is what they are trying to say about this claim, maybe.

So how can we help our split ends?
1.Get them cut off. Start there.
2.Find out what shampoo is best for your hair type. And I dont just mean what the companies write on the bottles based on the pretty colors they assigned to curly, straight, fine and dandruff hair types (I know their are more types).
3. Figure out for yourself how often you really need to wash your hair-- push the limits. I only have to wash my hair with shampoo twice a week, there was a time when I washed it every single day. And now I know that is worse on my hair than it was beneficial.
4. Then find the least restrictive products-- I cannot tell you what to put in your hair. I have wavy to curlyish hair that I have a lot of, each hair itself isn't thick but I have a lot of hair. So what works for my hair is not gonna work in thin straight hair. But I do believe we all could use LESS CHEMICALS in our lives. And places chemicals on our scalp every day for 80 years seems like it might just eventually take its toll. imo.

I truly think to myself what did the pioneers do? What did the foremothers do? What did Mary do? We constantly think with the technology we have that we are far superior to generations past, what I am finding in my own life that with the exceptions of computer/phone/tv/game technology that most other areas we need to be looking to our past to see the real truth of greatness. I found my best cleaning products are baking soda and vinegar-- not the products that just have those ingredient in them. So when you walk done the hair aisle you cannot ignore the ARGAN OIL in every other product, so why buy shampoo with it in it when you can just but the oil itself?

Argan Oil is extracted from the fruit of the Argan Tree grown in Morocco. I have seen reports online that only Berber women harvest the fruit and oil, this is a myth both Arabs and Berbers are involved in the harvesting of this product.1 provided many myth busting facts that sent me on a bing spree about Ibn al-Baytar an Islamic pharmacist, botanist, physician and scientist in the middle ages who is created as documenting Argan oil and uses as early as the 13th century.

Why do we think we need to reinvent the wheel? I received from North Coast Products Radha Beauty's Virgin Argan Oil.So far I have used this as a body moisturizer and the oil penetrates the skin and leaves no residue of grease behind on my body. I was shocked by this fact and sad that I did not have this during the winter. I am excited about learning all the new things I can learn about these "new" products.

After I washed my hair with my normal sulfate free shampoo and conditioner, then after I wrap dry in a t-shirt I warm a few (or ten) drops in my palm and worked it into my hair as a defrizzer. This morning I took my hair out of its braid that I left it in over night and my hair looks shiny (not oily) and I love that I have no chemicals in my hair at all. No frizz, no chemicals just shiny happy hair.

Here is how you can buy this great product