Thursday, May 28, 2015

3 tips to Grocery Shopping Done Right---Gluten Free

In my life many people do not remember that I am gluten free. Sometimes I feel like I need to tattoo on my forehead GLUTEN FREE, but that doesn't really matter either. I still have to explain what I can eat, No family member I cannot eat that flour tortilla, pretzels, graham crackers, cake, donuts, the list goes on and on. No, I cannot have just a little bit. No, I am not just doing this for weight loss or some trendy reason. I went Gluten free to help with my seizures and since going gluten free I have went off one of my anti-seizure medications. And my seizures have decreased and I could make up some percentage but I don't know how to quantify it.


1. READ LABELS-- things with more than 5 ingredients probably are overly processed and filled with preservatives. Many times those preservatives have gluten in them, I was shocked when I realized that Campbell's tomato soup was not Gluten free.

2. SHOP THE OUTER RING-- For the majority of your food should come from this part of the store.This generally includes the produce and fruits, dairy, meat, bakery, cheese sections. A few items can come from the middle but I have been trying to avoiding chemicals in our foods so if I avoid things in boxes and cans, avoiding preservatives by buying fresh stuff.

3. USE THE GLUTEN FREE SHOPPING GUIDE--The Triumph Dining's The Essential Gluten-Free Grocery Guide is broken down food groups in the front and the index in the back by exact type of food. Which is nice to be able to verify if something is gluten free when some labels are not always clear. It may not list WHEAT on the label but you do not see GLUTEN FREE so you are a little hesitant to buy it. I know I am thinking, if they were gluten Free wouldn't they put that on the label. This book is a great reference for newbies and veterans of the gluten free lifestyle.This book makes me #hippiehappy.

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