Monday, May 25, 2015

4 ways to Improve your Concentration

Being raised with a brother with ADD, I knew from a distance what it was like for some one to struggle with concentration. It was never a problem for me until I was put on a cocktail of seizure medications that made writing and reading (my favorite activities) impossible. I felt for the first time was it must have been like for someone with extreme attention deficit disorder. To look at words on a page and it looks like a mishmash of letters in no particular order. I wanted to scream, cry but I understood the kids I work with at school in a new way and I had to take this horrible time of my life as a gift from God as a new way of seeing life from someone's elses perspective.

I have since been taken off one of the epilepsy medicines, partially I believe due to the changes in my diet and lifestyle. But I still have days where I lack concentration but I have been putting a few things into place to help with these things.

1. Yoga-- Every day I complete a minium of 1 sun salutation.

Vinyasa Yoga Sun Salutation Poses
"Vinyasa Yoga: Sun Salutation Instructographic" on Health Perch

2. Visualization and Meditation-- I do every night I am still doing guided meditations at this point. Cheating I know but I count this as training. I have mentioned it many times I use
3. Detox from crappy foods-- In our house we are ASPARTAME FREE, gluten free (me completely, the family mostly) and we buy 90% organic fresh vegetables and fruits. We are trying really hard to get the chemicals such as pesticides out of our bodies, chemicals that give rats cancer, and wheat free.
4. Minerals and Vitamins -- Excelerol and Excelerol Focus Plus.

Both products works to give you alertness to do your work without having to drink a drop of coffee and I preferred the Focus Plus which you only needed to take one time a day. I liked that the supplements were mostly herbs and vitamins that I knew well from my research of natural cures. The only thing I can say that might make someone take a pause is that it tastes like tea when you put the pill in your mouth. I like tea so it doesn't bother me. Excelerol and FOCUS+ make me #hippiehappy.

I received these products in exchange for my honest #hippiehappy or #nothippiehappy review.