Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Beldt Review

I can honestly say I agreed to this supplement , the first diet supplement I will review because the hashtag for the product was #dwaynejohnson which for the non wrestling non movie going folk-- that is THE ROCK. I know that is company could just be jumping on his hashtag because it gets a lot of hits and therefore my tweets and other posts are more likely to be seen. But I also thought maybe this shit actually works or The rock would probably sue them for associating themselves with his name. But what do I know about hashtags and the law. Nothing. I digress.

Last year I lost 82 lbs but I have been in a holding pattern since November, if I go up a pound then down two, up one, down one. I have plateau'd. Two weeks ago I went off of Lyrica, which can cause some weight gain, I have been meditating and I started last week increasing my workouts. Now this week I have added this supplement. My path to improving my temple is clear cut. Now to stay consistent.

I have lost 4lbs with this supplement and I feel like I have better willpower and I am not constantly thinking about food. I have focus on what I need to do but I didn't know how much of that is changing off of Lyrica and how much was the BELDT. So I would skip a few days and I can honestly say the BELDT made a significant difference. I will be buying this product again. I am very #hippiehappy, I did not think that any of these supplements would work but this one did.