Saturday, May 16, 2015

Fighting for a charge

We live in a older but pretty cool old house.
But one draw back is there is not many electrical outlets in the house. So when you have four people with at least two electrical devices to charge a day, finding an open slot is a chore in itself. 
So when I was offered the opportunity to try out a 4 Port USB Wall Charger with SmartLiz Technology, I kept my fingers crossed till I was approved. Which I was, cha-ching!
It works just as you would think it should, it takes up one plug spot, but it is over-sized so only if you have a small plug could you use the other plug, It is great for apple phones and for micro usb charging. We have been using it every day since then and the only part of this that was negative is I want it to feel a little more secure in the plug but I don't know if that is my plug.
Makes me and the fam #hippiehappy.