Friday, May 22, 2015

Fish head (tweezers) Fish Head (tweezers) Rolly Polly

Usually I like to have a product a week or two before I write a review for Tomoson because I think you need to use things for a while before you truly know how well something will work. As soon as I used these fish head tweezers and I knew immediately how awesome they were. I have had companies in the past request I do a review on the day that I receive their product from my friendly UPS man (KlipPro is NOT one of those companies) and I kindly have emailed them back explaining to them that I am an honest reviewer that if they were looking for just a review then I was not their gal. I would use their product for at least a week, multiple weeks if it is a supplement or a facial product to give the product a chance to work. I think its in the companies best interest for me to take my time and use their product the right way. . I digress, meaningfully though.

KlipPro from Whole Health Supply LLC has created an amazing tweezer shaped like a fish.

I have no idea if the awesomeness of these tweezers have anything to do with their shape. Maybe. I am not a physicist. I know they pull out the eyebrow hairs perfectly, not painlessly. But perfectly none the less. Getting back to why I am evaluating this now, I can only use this so much before I will start to look like Pink in the THE WALL (he shaved all his eye brows off, it is super creepy.) You can only pluck so much, and my brows look good I think, better than I have ever done on my own without going to a salon to have them waxed. And plucking is a one time cost for the tweezers, which is super low for these only $7.25 on AMAZON. I have bought more expense at the corner drug store and they sucked compared the these awesome FISH shaped ones. You may be saying, Danyel I don't need flounder shaped tweezers. But I say, you need kick @ss tweezers that do a great job. And these do that, regardless of the shape. Buy them, you will not regret it.

These make me super #hippiehappy.

I received this in return for my honest #hippiehappy or #nothippiehappy review.