Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Its a beautiful day in YS...sometimes you can go back.

Twenty years ago I knew where I was a few weeks away from high school graduation and I was looking forward with very little thoughts to the life I was leaving behind but planning for the new adventure I was embarking on. I knew who my college roommate was going to be we had met at Antioch College's overnight visit as part of the admission visit (and we have been friends ever since). We were calling each other and making a list of all the things we would need for our amazing adventure at Antioch. I blog about this for two reasons, it is twenty years since I entered this fall and I took my little sister to Antioch College today for a college visit.

Antioch College closed down for some years not to long ago and since then they have taken the shell of the old amazing buildings and gutted them bringing them up to current technology including solar panels and a physical plant to create their own energy within the campus. They also use their own "Farm" to provide the Caf with fresh veggies and eggs. The changes the school has made were remarkable and I was so proud that the forward thinking theories that Antioch had prided itself on had taken the theories and put them into practice.

The beautiful day with my sister made me think of my review of Allura's Neck cream. Antioch used to be grimy and ugly but we learned, grew and became free thinkers who took the lessons of Horace Mann-- Be afraid to die until you have won some victory for humanity-- to heart no matter what the outside looked like. Now the new generations of Antiochians have made Antioch itself that victory, just like I have decided to make my body my temple not for others to look at and admire but for my longevity. Just like Antioch has become good stewards of the earth and their money by working on their longevity and the longevity of Mother Earth with the improvements to their buildings and physical plant.

Allura's neck cream smells great and is nice for the senses but I will have to use it for many months or even years to be able to tell you if it is anti-aging. I don't feel any instant tightening or anything in particular but its hard to tell if the claim of anti-aging yet. I will continue to use it but my deadline for the product is today so I will turn this in today. This did not make me #hippiehappy or #nothippiehappy I would have to say this is my first #hippieneutral review.

I received this product in return for my honest #hippiehappy or #nothippiehappy review.