Sunday, May 10, 2015

Power Bank, where have you been all of my life?

I love this Sentey Power Bank Portable Charger 2800mah. I am the type of person that is constantly saying "If you cannot get ahold of me its because my phone is dead and I forgot my charger at home." This is the product for me. The power bank charges itself quickly and then the phone charges a cell phone quickly.

I loved this and now with my daughter leaving on vacation for Washington DC this will be perfect for her to take for the bus ride when she will not be able to charge for long periods of time.

She actually came up to us this week and asked if we could take her and buy one for her trip and I was able to tell her about Sentey's power bank. I was promoting within my own family, it was sweet and shows that truly a good product we will tell someone who will tell someone and so forth. Because chances are she will take this on the trip and share the wealth with others on the bus of 8th graders. That will be the true test of this Power Bank. I will update after they get back from our Nation's Capital.

Totally #hippiehappy!

I received this product in return for my honest #hippiehappy or #nothippiehappy review.