Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Second time a charm but not the third or maybe reverse that.

Adeline has hit the nail on the head with Their product Anti-Aging Moisturizer, I want to rub it every where :)This smells like heaven in a bottle to me, a little manly in scent but so great to my senses both in texture and in smell. It goes on light and absorbs very quickly and I felt like the difference in my skin was instant and long lasting. This bottle stays in my purse in case I forget to put something on or if I want something extra later on in the day. I also have given it to my husband who has eczema on his face, it really is for all facial types-- which I just realized today it said on the bottle after many weeks of using this product. I will rebbuy this product after it this freebie is gone. This is truly worth its weight in gold. #hippiehappy

Then there is their other product I tested for them their eye serum, this did made me #nothippiehappy. It was not the consistency I like and showed no results for me. Now maybe the Anti-aging moisturizer was so amazing that this was just pale in comparison. I don't know. It was not in the same category of product which was disappointing but I loved the Anti-Aging moisturizer so much that nothing next to it would be even close.

I received this product in return for my honest #hippiehappy/ #nothippiehappy review