Saturday, May 16, 2015

You would think the off brand would be worse, but this is better than what APPLE made

My family have been using ipods and iphones for five years now and my biggest complaint besides the yearly upgrade is the cheap cords they include in their products. They make products that they want to be part of your every day life ie ipod or iphone which require at least daily or bidaily (i am just making up my own words now.) charges and yet the charging cables they provide you starts fraying and shitting out on you in a few months if you are a rough user and maybe you get three fourths a year if you are super gentle with your cord.

Then Apple tells you not to use 3rd party products in conjunction with their products and I am sure there are people that believe this and only buy Apple brand products. I have bought replacements usually some generic thing at the local CVS or Walgreens when the inevitable cord frazzle occurs.
This phone 4 Charger Cord Heavy Duty  by Bubba Earth Naturals, BooCoo Cords

THe whole fam (teen's fav word so we use it to bother her in hopes that she stops using it) finds this product #hippiehappy.

I received this product in return for my #hippiehappy or #nothippiehappy review.