Saturday, June 6, 2015

Another Konjac Sponge and another day wondering when I will try Cognac...

The first Konjac sponge was the color of manilla envelopes and the last 2 have gotten to use were both listed as activated charcoal bamboo, they were dark grey not quite black. The first sponge got deep in my pore and gave me the best facial cleansing of my life but the sponge only lasted a few weeks and started falling apart, which maybe it was supposed to as an all natural organic sponge. I don't know.

Then the second one was much larger in size, which I loved didn't get down in my pores but handled amazing.

This KONJAC sponge by Wonderpiel is smaller and softer than the others I have used. This would be perfect for people with very sensitive skin, babies or children.

I found it took longer to wash my face and I got more breakouts because my pores were getting clogged. I would wash my face as normal and look in the mirror and my pores would still be dirty after using the Wonderpiel konjac sponge. It was not able to get down in the pores for my face the way I need it to. I had to give this product #nothippiehappy review. I do recognize that for another face this could be perfect but not for mine. I need it a little rougher.

I received this product in return for my unbiased honest #hippiehappy or #unhippiehappy review.