Sunday, June 7, 2015

Booty FRESH and Hi-Jinks

When I was approached to do a review for this product, they ask if you are comfortable talking about bathroom hi-jinks. That's the words I will use to refer to toilet time because Hi-jinks just sounds better. And that is a word needs brought back in my opinion.

When I looked up this product, another product popped up Poo-pouri. Which is a scent neutralizer for your shit-- sorry no nice what to say that. You finish your hi-jinks and you spray this product and you leave a nice smell behind. Meant for when you go to someone else's house and don't want to leave traces of your hi-jinks. Now I had never heard of this until I was researching BOOTY FRESH and then the bots in my computer starting leaving this other hi-jinks product ad on the sidelines almost daily. Then one day I saw a real commercial for the stuff. Funny @ss commercial, pun intended.

Now BOOTY FRESH is not to cover up the scent left behind in the bathroom after your hi-jinks. Booty Fresh is to spray on your booty after the hi-jinks are over or in the shower to help prevent any scent from being created. It is not meant to substitute wiping after hi-jinks. It does keep you feeling fresh without any overbearing smell or weird cloths. Just a few sprays on your cute tush allow it to stay there for 3-5 minutes then wipe off. I cannot say I always wiped it off and I did not have any irritation. I loved this product so much I give it a #hippiehappy approval.

I got this product in return for my honest unbiased #hippiehappy or #nothippiehappy review.