Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Greenwalds new way to save plastic and green

My household's path to hippie happiness has included looking into the products we use around the house for cleaning. If I am spending so much time, watching what we are putting in our bodies then I should be equally concerned with what is on our counters and in the air. So I have made my own cleaning products from baking soda, vineager and essential oils. But I had a hard time with the spray cleaner.

I make my own toilet bowl cleaner and sink drain cleaner aka the VOLCANO, half cup of baking soda and some vinegar probably about a cup and a splash of peroxide. Then I use baking soda as my nonabrasive abrasive cleaner, especially for my flat stove top. Those cleaners in the stores run close to nine dollars a bottle and you only get about a few uses out of a bottle. A box of baking soda cost less than a dollar and can be used probably for five or six cleanings. I digress, I was still in need of spray cleaners because the ones I made were not the right consistencies and clogged the bottles, #nothippiehappy. I happened across a bottle of method all purpose cleaner on sale at Home Depot for less than two dollars and I fell in love. method (trademark) is a company that produces nontoxic, biodegradable natural cleaning supplies in a minimalist way. The scents of the method products are memory filled and are quality products.

So part of my family's motto is "better every day" so I am always looking for an even better for the environment, less waste and better for my family and for my planet at the same time. Greenwald's offers capsules that you put in water filled bottle and -- no need to even recycle a bottle. I love it! See the insert.

Here is a crappy little video of me making the cleaner myself. don't judge the shoddy video.

I have to give this product #hippiehappy approval!

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