Friday, June 19, 2015

Grind it baby, round and round

I thought life couldn't get better than my French press coffee maker. It makes me feel like my coffee is better than electronically brewed, something about taking out the electricity and going rustic brings out a flavor and richness that I never experienced from an electronic coffee maker even from letter-cup coffee maker. One of the first things the instructions for your french press coffee maker suggests is to use fresh ground coffee beans. I did not have a coffee bean grinder so I used the food processor which worked to grind the beans but it went against my rustic loveliness of the french press.

Brillante Manual Coffee Grinder was sent to me for review and I thought this is perfect. And it lives up to its name, Brillante. I was worried that it would make my arm sore or tired. And even for a pot of french press I was not tired. The size of the grinder is smaller and I have to fill up the grinder twice to create enough coffee to make a pot in my french press but the ease of grinding was like winding up a Jack in the Box. The only negative is the size of the grinder makes it that I have to fill it up twice, but truly there is nothing negative about that. Though my hubby did find a couple whole coffee beans on the floor that must have jumped out of the coffee bag. This product made me super #hippiehappy! This will be part of our home for years to come.