Tuesday, June 2, 2015

How do you fall asleep? 3 easy ways to fall asleep without the TV

I don't know where the falling asleep with the television thing came into my life. Our family didn't have cable until I was a teenager and we didn't have televisions in our rooms until later teen years. But somewhere in college I remember having insomnia and I would play movies on the VCR (we didn't have cable in our rooms only in random places on campus), I digress. So I would watch movies I had seen before until I would fall asleep. When I got home from college my mom had started falling asleep with the TV on where she used to fall asleep with a Stephen King book in her hand.

For years after college I kept up this falling asleep to the TV, but I had switched to documentaries and learning shows with nice British or male voices that would lull me to sleep with educational videos like first period in High school. Then three or four years ago, I took the TV out of our room because I did not feel like I was getting quality sleep.

1. Guided Meditations -- I am always looking for new ones but right now I am using Jason Stephenson and Micheal Sealy on YouTube.
2. Reading -- This is still my favorite way to fall asleep. I read both paper books and e-books, I love both. Last night I used and used my free book to have them read me Prince Lestat by Anne Rice.
3. Soft Music/Lullabies -- The hour before I hope to be asleep, I make my room darkened and quieter than other spaces. Mood music can help "lull" you into sleepy time. I was given amazing Lullabies by Rock The Cradle: A Lullaby Tribute To Billy Idol to review and I know it is intended for babies but I really like it for putting on at night for myself as night time quiet time. This made me very #hippiehappy. It was tunes I could sing with the instrumental or I could just close my eyes and do deep breathing or visualizations and meditations.

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I received the Rock the Cradle in return for my honest #hippiehappy or #nothippiehappy review.