Tuesday, June 16, 2015

How I became a brand influencer and product reviewer

First off, you need to have a blog, a Paypal account, and Amazon Prime is almost a necessity for Tomoson users but I am putting the cart before the horse...

One day I was reading a random blog and it was a review of some random product and the woman said something about Tomoson being who she was "working" for by writing this review for. I binged the word Tomoson and came to the site and was amazed to see that people could apply to get free products as long as they posted to all of the required social media accounts showing the products and either you using the products or words about the products. Another aspect is most of the companies really require that you write them an Amazon product and seller review in addition to a blog post. Sometimes you can get a small fee for completing these tasks and this varies from company to company and blogger to blogger. To start you have to take the products open to everyone and pray for someone to approve you. Then as your numbers and audience grows you will be able to apply for more of the products and even products and companies start coming to you without you having to do any of the work.

I am trying really hard to learn how to write a good blog that gives the reader information that truly involves the product and is my unbiased and honest opinion of the product I have been given to try out. Some of the companies will start sending you emails the day you get the product asking for a review the day you get it delivered. I do not believe in that especially not vitamins and facial products. Most products, in my opinion should be used more than once before I give my opinion so I like to have the item in my possession and being used regularly for at least a week to generate real, honest, unbiased opinions. Other brand influencers and product testers and reviewers may see this different.

I do take pictures of every item I get on the day it arrives from my friendly UPS man, that way I have the picture to work with to send to my Instagram,, which will link your picture to your Facebook, and to your twitter, Also by taking the picture when the item comes in you have a date of arrival and helps you stay organized. Tomoson has a 35 day due date but some companies will have earlier expectations.

This week's review is a company, Planted Perfect is garden pruning shears. I got the first pair in the mail. I took the picture of the fresh out of the Amazon package, then I took them out of the product package and left them on the counter for maybe an hour or two. My kids are 9 and 14 and my youngest was gone and I really did not think anything about having these on the counter. My daughter leaves her room for three things food, Dance and to leave with her friends. So hours later I look at the shears and the safety latch is gone. No where to be seen, not broken just missing from the whole universe. My daughter's story is she just opened it and it popped off. Now these are heavy duty shears, I have used them and they are heavy like lead heavy. She had to have fiddled with this piece, but none the less it did come off. I emailed the company and they did replace the shears and they were super awesome about the replacement and I received it quicker than a raccoon on a sugar biscuit. I have used them in my garden and they cut through things I never thought they could. Loved them. Here is my video. This product makes me #hippiehappy.

I received this product in return for my honest and unbiased #hippiehappy or #nothippiehappy review.