Sunday, June 21, 2015

I had to leave to realize staying was best.

In the last month I have spent more than ten hours of my life trying to switch to get new cell phones without paying full price because I wanted on Verizon's Edge plan, but they said I was only eligible for one of my four lines to receive Edge and only if that Apple phone would switch to an Android phone. So I started researching and I went into a Sprint store (first two hours) and they gave me issues because I live in a village without assigned mailing addresses where we are required to have a postal box and even have issues with GPS not registering our home address. I digress. I gave up on waiting in the store and figured we liked the phones enough that we could go home and finish this online. We had chosen Sprint for their cut your bill in half promo. But online they did not have the same phones no matter how many times I tried to chat with someone online (another few hours lost). I gave up truly. I thought I should just wait this out for another time when I was done with work and after I caught up with a few blogs- but that is like a conundrum, I will never catch up on blogs as another is added almost every day.

Finally a Sprint rep called, seemingly worked it out. Sent us phones, Verizon wouldn't port all the numbers until I called, I called and now Verizon is bending over backwards to keep us. All new top tier phones and I get to stay where I really wanted to be to begin with. I never wanted to switch. I wanted to stay but I had to leave to stay. Which is a lesson I have come across in my life more than once. I went on internships (co-ops) in college and one in Boston that being that far away from my hometown in Ohio made me realize that I am not meant to be away from my family. I was offered an amazing job upon graduation from college in Boston but I could not see a future without my extended family in Ohio. I had to leave what I thought was the confines of Ohio to realize it was my oasis.

I love the IPhone 6 Plus Soft Flexible Gel TPU Case, the color is amazingly bright. The rubberized flexible case is easy to get on and make it easy to keep a grip on my phone. Mainly it makes it look bad @ss. I cannot report any issues with this case so far. It makes me #hippiehappy, if any issues should arise as time with our new phones and new case moves on I will keep my captive audience up to date.

I received this product for free in return for my honest unbiased #hippiehappy or #nothippiehappy opinion.