Monday, June 15, 2015


When my daughter was born, I started playing RPGs (Role Playing Games) while I was on maternity leave because I was sick of watching my to-be husband playing these grand adventures and I had nothing to do. So I played Chrono Cross the sequel to Chrono Trigger as my first RPG then after I completed that I played FINAL FANTASY VII. What was considered one of the best and most long awaited RPGs at that time.

I loved Chrono Cross and it will always hold a special place in my heart because it was my first. I loved all the characters you could collect and how who you chose made the story a little different. It totally reminded me of a electronic version of a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure book. Not to mention the locations, character and the whole palate was just beautiful colors and like art to me.

Final Fantasy 7 came next, it was grand with darker color schemes and blockier people but the story was an adventure in itself. I wanted to get the book of FFVII and just read the plot, which at times you wished you could because it took a few turns and twists that left you wondering who and how, and are you sure? Parts of this game were absolute genius, for me the leveling and mastering system was perfect. I loved the sound of it, I loved the way it worked. I loved spawning a new materia from a mastered materia, bloody brilliant. I loved that battles in this game were epic, they were not pussy little fights that took a few minutes or even twenty to thirty minutes. I had a Weapon battle last over an hour, closer to two if memory serves. But when I beat that Boss battle, I freaking WON. I reveled in those wins, I would get up take a victory walk around the room, stretch, get a drink, high five anyone in hoot and hollerin' listening distance.

There were a few things in this game that I didn't care for Chocobo breeding and racing. This shit caused me more trouble then I care to talk about. That's my biggest gripe about this game and that every other game in the last twenty years has been rumored or given some reboot. But not FFVII, until tonight at E3. Tonight at E3 this video was released.

No release date. But it is in the works and enough to show us some and get the internet ablaze.