Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sorry for the dead air

On Monday I began my morning stretches and something went wrong. I don't know if I imagined myself that I heard a pop or felt a pop. But I definitely knew I felt something drag in my arm down and a sharp pain just to the left of my spine sizzling across my back and down my arm stopping at my wrist. There is no pain in my fingers but three of the fingers are tingly like they have fallen asleep. Needless to say in a week I have only slept over two nights and an hour and half hour here.

Most of my time is spent trying to get comfortable. I cannot sit up, that causes my pain to be a 9.5, lying down is mostly transferring my body through a myriad of positions similar to to the Kuma Sutra minus the sex and organisms, just awkwardness, crying, screams and body parts where they don't belong.

The ER did nothing for me and I wait till Monday to see my primary care doctor. Nothing to review but I am not #nothippiehappy.