Thursday, June 4, 2015

The more we move forward the more we need to step back

Recently I have been talking with my husband and others about eye opening factoids and stories I have been hearing about my grandparents and great grandparents childhoods. Where the information from the movies and the history books are not quite adding up to the same real life stories that are finally releasing from the lips of the older generations or we are finally of an age that we are allowed to hear the truths for the first time. For decades I thought the divorces of the 90s were new and our parents generation were a disgrace to their parents because no one was staying together. We were all coming from broken homes, yet if I would have thought about it for a moment both sets of my grandparents contained at least one divorce and remarry on each side. But since that occurred before I was born it was not really discussed.

Then there was the villianization of cigarettes and the usage of them. Ask many people in their 50s and 60s who smoked at one point and many will tell you they start very young in their childhood. Maybe I just live in Hickville Ohio but many as young as ten when they tried their first cigarette. Now as parents those numbers I would say have moved for the positive to much older. Yet where are the stories talking about how cigarette smoking among teens and children is at an all time low. No ticker taper parade for parents or the schools for education in anti-smoking.

I also used to think that kids were having sex younger and younger because of that MTV, because of the KARDASHIANS, because of the INTERNET, because of DANCING, because of ROCK N ROLL MUSIC... AND LONG HAIR...AND FREE THOUGHT...

We are just another brick in the wall...I digress.

My point is in this world we are doing a lot of things right. We are making breakthroughs that should be celebrated, and never fall to complacency.

One of our complacencies is cell phones and the over priced covers you buy from the cell carriers. Last year my husband was convinced by the man at The V carrier store to buy the water proof case that made his phone invincible. This case was almost like a hundred dollars. This is ridiculous unless you need to be in a shark tank with your phone this is unnecessary and totally seems like a scam. There had to be other cases. So I started doing research and trying different, lower priced but good quality cases off Amazon. You don't get a case in your hand that day but with Amazon Prime. I can have it in 2 days which is not too bad and I love getting packages.

The phone case I am reviewing today is by Abacus24-7 LG G4 Wallet Case with Flip Cover. I absolutely love having my id, credit card and a few loyalty cards in with my cell and I can pull that out of my purse and not have to carry my whole purse into the store or shopping. This case completely protects the screen because the covers flips across the front when you are not using the phone and stays closed. This was like having a phone case and a wristlet in one. This made me #hippiehappy.

I received this to review for a discounted price in return for my unbiased #hippiehappy or #nothippiehappy review.

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