Sunday, June 7, 2015

Working out old school-- Jumping Rope and Punching Bag.

This month has been throwback exercising in our house-- jumping rope and punching bag.

Forged Champion Adjustable Speed Ropes is a quality product, my ability to do hardcore cardio is not quality. Jumping rope is a lot harder than any of us thought but we as a family will keep at it. The length is adjustable which I loved but I didn't know what to do with the extra except for rolling it around my hand. I am happy with the product and the exercise it gives me it is just gonna take a bit of time to get this 38 year old body used to doing an activity that I have not done regularly since I was about ten but the childlike skill mixed with the great cardio makes this a #hippiehappy product.

Now the freestanding punching bag was a god send. We had been throwing around the idea of a punching bag for stress relief for our household but did not have a place in the house to mount it. Then I was able to apply to review this and I was very skeptical but this has been awesome. Velocity Boxing has created a heavy duty freestanding punching bag that is listed as a children's pro product but I use it every day. I love the arm work out as well as the stress relief rolled all into one. My kids both love it as well. We have kept it in a common space so everyone can use it every day. This Punching bag by Velocity Boxing makes me #hippiehappy every day.

I received these two products in return for my unbiased honest #hippiehappy or #nothippiehappy review.