Saturday, July 4, 2015

Hawaii has banned plastic bags: are you ready for your state to follow?

As a teenager I was a bagger in a grocery store and I remember people asking for weird combinations of bags and their excitement with plastic bags. I had people ask for plastic in paper in plastic. They wanted their cold stuff to be in plastic but they wanted the squareness of a paper bag then they wanted handles on the outside. These annoying at the time people had the right idea, they wanted their groceries to be easiest to handle and to be temperature stable. Fast forward twentish years and our plastic bags are cheaper than ever, and they are every where. They went from being part of an art installation in the movie American Beauty blowing in the wind to being in every drawer and every room of our house. I really try to not take any bag if I can carry small orders when I just run in for a few items. And when I do get a plastic bags, I use them for kitty litter removal and as mini trash can bags.

I know within the next decade if not sooner, we will see the demise of the plastic bag. And I am ready I constantly buy reusable grocery bags tote bags, especially ones with cute designs on them. I put them all nicely in one of the bigger bags, place them nicely in the trunk and there they sit until I go to the grocery. Then I pop the trunk and DANG, I forgot them as I place the paper bags in the trunk because I forgot my clump of bags in the trunk until I am checking out. I am yet to figure out how to remind myself. I remember maybe one time out of every seven times.

Go Green with the Sacko (TM) Durable and Non-Woven Reusable Grocery Tote Bag.
This bag features Ample Room for your shopping essentials, a Zippered Closure, Front Pocket for Extra Space, Reinforced Straps and Inner Bottom Board that Prevents wear and tear. Dimensions of the bag are 16"w x 3"d x 15"h, and is primarily red with some grey and black. This bag is thicker than the totes you buy at the grocery store and I know will last for years longer. I am so #hippiehappy with my new tote, it will be part of my park tote, grocery tote and even work tote when my paperwork is overwhelming my laptop case.

I received this tote free in return for my honest #hippiehappy or #nothippiehappy opinion.