Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Review: EAT MY MEAT: Instant Read Meat Thermometer.

This is the easiest meat thermometer I have ever owned. You don't have to wait for minutes and minuted for the manual ones to read the temperature. The instant read is so great. I have one of those spouses that is super freaked about meat temps and if he sees even a drop of pink he thinks we will get sick. This is great for my meal report so he will consume the food I make and not lock me in the closet for undercooked meat. I am so kidding, Hubby says he reads my reviews and blogs. So lets see how long till he catches on to my locked in the closet for undercooked pork reference. I am guessing three weeks.

But I digress. This thermometer is simple, accurate and quick to clean up. Buy it. I love mine, it makes me #hippiehappy when the whole family eats my meat without complaining.

I received my product in return for my honest #hippiehappy or #nothippiehappy opinion.

"Durable, INSTANT Read- Accurate Digital Meat/ BBQ Thermometer with Convenient Carrying Case - Battery Included; Poultry, Pork, BeefEngineer-Tested For Speed and AccuracyOUR OWN EXCLUSIVE easy-to-use 2-button design

Roast and grill to perfection with the Meat / BBQ Digital Thermometer from Online Gadgetz. Fast, super-accurate, and easy to use. INSTANT Read, readings in under 10 seconds, under normal weather conditions! Long, stainless steel sensor probe will keep fingers well away from hot food and grill surfaces. Comes with clip-on storage case for ease of use at the grill. The fast and accurate temperature readings, paired with our BONUS Meat and Poultry Cooking Temperature Chart, will eliminate the risk of over- or under-cooked food and potentially harmful bacteria. Serve mouth-watering steaks grilled to order, beautifully prepared roasts, and poultry with delicious crispy skin but still moist and juicy on the inside.

We're so sure our handy digital thermometer will be one your favorite and most useful kitchen gadgets, we offer hassle-free replacement so you'll never be without it."

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