Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Review : Like buying from family-- Outdoor Canned Light Cover Fixture by Turner Light Fixtures,

"Turner Light Covers is a product that is designed to be used with exterior and interior can lights. Built tough to endure the elements and pests, sleek and unobtrusive to enhance the beauty of your interior! The unique, patented design allows for easy installation and removal to replace bulbs. It is resistant to heat and rust, while the transparent screen offers protection without reducing the brightness of recessed lights. There is also no risk of disturbing any small animals or insects which may be hiding in a fixture when you just want to change a bulb because they cannot possibly get in! No stinging wasps, biting spiders, or dangerous bats. You can perform simple maintenance without the potential for a sting or painful bite. Turner No Pest Recessed Light Covers is designed to be used with outdoor recessed can lights, however we have many clients that like to use them inside and modify the covers according to their tastes to match the room. The unique patented design allows for easy installation to any recessed light, commercial or residential, up to 8 inches. Then you will love the simplicity of the Trim Ring Mounting System that allows bulb access with a short counter-clockwise twist!! You will NEVER be surprised by stinging, biting, pests while changing a bulb again!"

Loved this product. My hubby is not electrically inclined so my uncle was given this and the follow up pics to follow. This company's personal touch is on everything and I feel so great buying from them. This is that American buying american feel we want when you buy online. Do not be afraid to buy from Turner Light Fixtures quality products from a quality company. Made me #hippiehappy

I received this in return for my honest unbiased opinion.