Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Review: Reusable Silicone Baking Cups and Muffin Tops

I have had these muffin cups and used them twice but it was not until I wrote out the title of this blog that I figured out what the pants were for. MUFFIN TOPS. I have always have been a little slow on some of the uptake jokes. My muffin eating has decreased since I went gluten-free which in turn has decreased my muffin top. Fun little thoughts.

These were easy to use, easy to wash and even better that I didn't lose half the muffin to being stuck to the paper (which happen when I use paper muffin cups). And they are good for the environment because I can use them again and again.

I have received these for free products unbiased and honest #hippiehappy and #nothippiehappy opinion.

"HAS BAKING BECOME A CHORE? Baking should be fun. I love coming up with cupcake ideas for my friends and family, but sometimes it gets a bit boring making the usual batch. 3 beautiful, cost saving and environmentally friendly reusable silicone baking cups. 1 Novelty Jean Shaped Silicone Muffin Tops Bake Cups. Why buy paper baking cups if you can use reusable silicone cupcake liners again and again. Not only are they BPA Free, FDA Approved, environment friendly but they come in 3 different colors.

EASY TO USE! Our reusable cupcake liners will fit perfectly on any cupcake sheets or you can simply place them directly on a regular cookie sheet. No need for sticky cooking spray or wasteful, messy wrappers - just pop them on the tray and they are ready to go! No need to worry about the stickiest of recipes, they will pop right out of our non-stick silicone baking cups.

FUN & VERSATILE! Silicone muffin baking cups are not just for cupcakes or muffins! The whole family can join in and use them to make their favorite candy recipes or healthy frozen treats. They are also great for nuts and fruit at snack time! Grease proof cupcake liners are capable to resist heat up to 475 F. All our muffin baking cups are microwave, freezer and dishwater safe. Experiment with the reusable silicone muffin top baking cups. As you bake using the muffin top cupcake liners, they develop that cute little extra bulge around the middle. No need to worry about the mess, all our reusable silicone muffin baking cups are dishwasher safe! Vibrant muffin liners are ideal for muffins, cheesecakes, desserts, quiches and eggs.Bake your favorite cupcakes with muffin tops cupcake mold.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE Place muffin baking cups on baking sheet or in a muffin pan. Fill and bake according to recipe. Allow to cool before removal. Safely place in dishwasher or hand wash to clean."

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