Thursday, July 2, 2015

Wishing for the days of leisure

Since I pinched a nerve in my back last week and a half a go, I started watching Downton Abbey mainly because I thought it would help me sleep because of the accents and it did not look all that exciting. So I figured in my back out I would lay on the couch and fall asleep to this droll show but alas it had a plot and four seasons later I am watching and watching.

One of the the things I thought was neat about rich people of leisure is their ability to do arts and hobbies as they see fit. The women "raise" their kids for one hour a day when the nanny brings them the the children. Otherwise they find fine things to do like painting, poetry, shopping,etc.

That is where the Color Gallery 24 piece acrylic and oil paint brush set comes into play. I have always wanted to have painting as a side project it brings me relaxation and joy even if it does not turn out to be a masterpiece. Whether it is finger painting, oils, acrylics or watercolors I love moving colors across the canvas or paper. As a child I always thought the paper already knew what it would look like, destined to be what it was to be even a blank paper has a destiny on paper.

These brush set is one of the greatest I have ever owned and makes me so very #hippiehappy.

I received this free in return for my honest nonbiased #hippiehappy or #nonhippiehappy opinion.