Monday, August 10, 2015

Revierw: Med O'Clock-- Help for those of us who would forget our heads if they were not attached

I have taken medications for my epilepsy on and off since I was 15 and I have never been good at remembering to take my medications which is not good for control of seizures. I have tried pill reminder in the form of the hard plastic container with the days of the week and AM and PM but unless you remember to grab the container than you don't take the pills. Its not like I don't know my dosage or my pills. I need a punch in the arm to remember to take them.

I love having an app on my phone to help with reminding me. I actually had to use the FAQ to figure out how to insert my information and medications. I really liked that my meds were already in the database but if yours are not you can add them. I would think if you get this app for a older parent or grandparent you are going to have to program this app for them.

The alarm on the med oclock goes off when it is time to take my meds just like an alarm clock which I love and it makes me #hippiehappy. I recommend you try this app for your android phone (they also have it for Iphone but I know nothing of that app)

"Med OClock, the smart pillbox, sends you reminders so that you never forget which medication you should be taking next. Use it for yourself or for people you are taking care of.

- Easy to set-up. You can simply set-up recurring reminders for all your medications.
- See your medication reminders in one quick glance from the main home screen.
- Send your list of medications to medical personnel by email with a quick-access button.
- Add an emergency contact that you or anyone else can reach with a simple tap of a button.
- Set calendar reminders for all of your medical appointments.
- No need to carry multiple pieces of paper. Have all the info you need on your mobile.
- Accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
- Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and all Android devices.

Available in IOS app, Android app