Sunday, August 23, 2015

Review: Cell Phone Holder that actually works!

This is the third cell phone holder I have tried in my life one I bought years ago for myself. It was a ClusterF of plastic that didnt hold anything anywhere. Then through Tomoson I tried another one, same issue there was no instructions just plastic in a box with no info just a hope and a prayer.

Then I received Cell phone holder from Cool Mobile Stuff and my opinion has been changed. It came with two options-- suction cup attachment or vent attachment. There was instructions included-- yippee! And it was so easy to switch between the two and so easy to open and close the clasp for widening the phone holder.

So #hippiehappy with this. I will actually use this one. Not another toss in the tech graveyard. YEA!

I got this at a discount for my honest opinion.

"Universal Cell Phone Holder 3-in-1 for Air Vent / Dashboard / Windshield. Secure Fit in Seconds. High Quality, Long Lasting. Easy to Install. Excellent for Any Size Mobile Device Including Large Screen

Keep your smartphone easily accessible while driving.
Fumbling to find your phone while driving can be a real pain, not to mention dangerous.

Our Universal 3-in-1 Mobile Mount is the perfect solution. It is easy to attach to your air vent, windshield, or dashboard. And it attaches securely in just seconds.
The well padded protective grips hold your phone safely and securely without scratching.
Mobile Mount is the best solution:

Put your smartphone or GPS into the Mobile Mount with one hand.
Grip opens wide to fit any device up to 4.5 inches

Cushioned expandable holder with secure gripping mechanism
Offers both air vent attachment and suction cup attachment

360 degree rotating holder
Push button release allows for one handed device removal

Suction cup features secure lock mechanism with fast release
Sturdy construction

Easy to use

• MOUNTS SECURELY to air vent, to windshield or to dashboard with included disc. 360 DEGREE ROTATION ADJUSTS QUICKLY for landscape and portrait views. Simple ONE-TOUCH MOUNTING SYSTEM locks securely and releases easily.
• EXTRA DEEP ARMS grasp mobile device securely even those with thick extended battery packs. Good for all smart phones, including iPhone 4,5,6+, Samsung Galaxy,S2-S5, Motorola, HTC, Garmin, LG and many others,
SUCTION CUP HOLDS FIRMLY and REMOVES EASILY from windshield and dashboard. Suction works well in both hot and cold climates with NO sticky mounting glue or goo.
• AIR VENT MOUNT HAS a SPRING-LOADED CLASP to hold phone firmly at the correct angle for viewing. You can make micro adjustments with innovative 360 degree ball joint. The ball joint tightens firmly so THE CORRECT VIEWING ANGLE STAYS IN PLACE EVEN ON BUMPY ROADS.
• We're so confident that you will love your Mobile Mount, that we provide a 90 day, 100% Hassle Free Money-Back Guarantee."

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