Thursday, August 6, 2015

Review: Coffee make you crazy? Then you haven't taken a wiff of this!

Coffee Crazy makes me wish smell-o-vision could be utilized on this video. I was able to try both the French Roast and the Colombian Roast by Coffee Crazy. Both made me #hippiehappy just opening the box from Amazon. I could have stopped there and never drank the coffee and been extremely happy. The aroma of both were rich and brilliant unmatched by anything I have ever purchased in the local grocery store.

For both of the roasts, I used a manual grinder and a French press to create this rich coffee. Both were strong rich aromatic coffee that I enjoyed morning noon and night. I could use less of this coffee than my usual kind which is even more of a money saving technique. But this did not water down the full favor in any way shape or form I assure you. I take my coffee with cream and sugar (with an occasional dollop of whip cream) and I really loved this coffee. I like darker roasts in general and will buy things like espresso and drink it. My hubby found this richer than he prefers but he isn't really a coffee drinker he is a breakfast blend make it not really taste like coffee kind of person. So if you a fake coffee drinker, this is not the coffee for you. This is for real coffee lovers.

I love COFFEE CRAZY, it made me super #hippiehappy!

***I received these coffees at a discount for my honest and unbiased opinion.***